Monterey in photos


We got to enjoy a nice weekend getaway to Monterey last week and I wanted to share a few highlights. The girls really enjoyed the aquarium and Asilomar State beach. The weather was wonderful and it felt good to lay … Continue reading 

stop time


One of my friends recently told me about a blog post, written by a mom, that reflected on the fact that, a relaxing cup of coffee takes two hands to hold. As a mom of two busy little girls, this … Continue reading 

little brave one


These girls are making me smile and so proud of them lately! We are really having a great Summer so far and I guess technically, Summer hasn’t even started. We were lucky and got to go out to two farms … Continue reading 

stay close


My girls- stay close throughout life, be friends, be each other’s rocks in life, and have fun together. I love how kind you are to each other, how you laugh at each other and even when you fight- and learn to … Continue reading