update a furniture piece in thirty minutes

Shabby White and Brass Knobs- TheDoorStop

An easy way to update a dresser or your bathroom cabinets in about 30 minutes is to replace carpenter grade “stock” knobs, or drawer pulls with some colorful, vintage or antique stylish knobs.

Dotted Drawer Knobs- sweetmixcreations

This incredibly simple home update can really go far in transforming the look of a furniture piece. I love white antique dressers for a bedroom and adding a small dose of color or vintage style through the knobs really brightens up plain or older furniture.

Handstamped Right Hand Bird on Branch Knob- VintageSkye

Just thought I’d share an easy project with you in case you need a little inspiration and a lot of bang for your buck this coming weekend, jot down new knobs on your shopping list!

Set of 8 Antique Floral Knobs- LoveliesShop

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